So basically

On the 10th of June 2015 I hadĀ received an email showing and username and password to a WordPress page, this WordPress page given to me by Mark Riley. Little did he know he had made a big mistake. Currently I am siting here in front of my iPad wondering what untold mischief that I can get up to.

“hummmm”. I think to myself

I tap my foot on the ground forcing myself to fill my mind with thoughts.


Then it comes to me I should make it factual. Speak about past and present events what did we do what will we do and what can we do, suddenly that thought runsĀ out of my head like a year 7 trying to be first to get his free school meals before all the sexy chicken tikka baguettes run out…


Maybe I should be raw uncut like fifty shades of grey but then again that’s just like porn for your eyes and your imagination and a spare hand if u have the energy

“hummmmmmmm”Maybe I should just write. Yeah. Whatever comes to mind.

P.S. My name is dicquone and I am French.


How it went: International Women’s Day

We weren’t too prepared for international women’s day. It was tough, challenging but overall a fun experience. After being calm for a whole month, thinking we had loads of time, it dawned on us that we didn’t; so with one week to go and lots of ‘encouragement’ from the staff members – we managed to some what, pull it off. Putting aside all the whispering, and the improvisation that probably didn’t go so well – I think it went alright.


As young people, we did gain one very important lesson from this. We must manage time better!